About Us

Doing well, doing the best

With this motto we have built our company and the path of organizational structure.
FHC, has been on the market for over twenty years and thanks to the efforts of its creator Giovanni Scacciaferro, offers itself to the market of the modern distribution as a qualified partner for outsourcing in areas “Marketing” and “Sales Management”.
The experience gained during these years and the investments made in the qualification and training of the team, give us a strong belief that our contribution to the development of the business of our customers is of paramount importance.
Our intervention is to advise the management of the company and the action to achieve the objectives.


We are alongside the companies to support their global business. We pay attention to the study of the financial markets and to the dynamics of the modern distribution, we formulate and define business plans and their strategic lines, we organize the start-up of new ventures and the internationalization of business.
Some of our activities are: selection, training and organization of sales forces, including the Operational Marketing. We offer our customers a qualified contribution in all areas of government and business through partnerships with international professionals.


Our goals are our values. We aim to ensure, through our actions, the success of the enterprise of our customers and consolidate management of their business structure. We aim to continually update the thinking and dynamic professional looking to anticipate the time, attentive to the needs and changes that the modern world imposes on us. We are committed to work paying special attention to all those who are part of the initiative, balancing economic needs with those of humans.