1. Consulting and staff Management

    Management advice for training and Business management

  2. Start-up new Business

    Feasibility Study, BP, organisation, operating Marketing

  3. Joint-venture & Venture Capital

    Search for financing Partners and/or Cooperators
    Search for institutional Investors, PE, PPE

  4. Sales & Marketing Management

    Strategic and operating Marketing activities’ coordination
    Sales plans and management control’s coordination

  5. Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising Force

    Sales set-up
    KAM and sales force
    Merchandising service force

  6. Graphics Agency & Packaging development

    Corporate Image
    Brand & brand communication
    Packaging, Pop material, leaflet and so on

  7. ADV, Exhibition Media, Events and PR

    Operating Marketing, trade shows’ set-up and management
    Media relations
    Event organisation and management
    Public Relations

  8. Legal Aid

    Corporate, civil and criminal legal aid

  9. Corporate and Tax Aid

    Corporate accounting and Tax aid

  10. Finance & Bank relationship

    Financial and requirements management
    Banks relationships to obtain funding

  11. E-learning

    Professional and technical training

  12. International Logistics

    Logistics and transport management
    Flows’ analysis and optimization

  13. IT/Networks development, Systems, Cloud computing

    Websites development
    Internet and intranet networks consulting and management
    Cloud computing