Know How


Culture, education and managerial experience gained in the international arena in the areas of marketing, finance, planning, control, management. Motivated by the training that the company has been able to put at the center of interest, we have reached levels of considerable professional profile.
We can boast expertise in the areas of business – strategic marketing, sales management, business start-ups and internationalization, merchandising and operational marketing plans. The partnership with companies and professionals in almost all European countries complete our profile of consultants to support all the areas of business.


The relationship with our customers is of absolute involvement. We want to be recognized as part of the Company and in the same way we offer our contribution without neglecting the emotional part. In the preparation and development of the business, we are motivated to achieve the best results for the total satisfaction of the whole chain, in addition to our professional satisfaction.
Every advice or service has value if it is included in a project and outlined in a clear strategy. Our managers are committed to developing projects and suggest improvements during the initiative.
Projects are assigned to the KAM (Key Account Manager) who assume responsibility and organize all detailed plans to inform, educate and assist the field that controls the business in various territories allocated (geomarketing).

Risk Management

Particular attention is given to all those who live and work with our team. To ensure their safety and compliance with the laws, we have established an office with the manager of risk prevention and the government of any accident. The most important documents are available to our customers in the company:

– Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01
– Management of Risk Management Model
– Code of Ethics | download
– Head of Supervision
– Company Notice Board